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The Truth About Evil Bone Water

Evil Bone Water: Powerful Chinese Medicine for Pain and Inflammation

"I have never had bone pain before until now. I use it on the dorsum of my foot since a fall a few weeks ago. I have improved a lot but I know it works because I shared this formula with a friend and she loves it! It also smells good and it relieves her heel pain. She has tried many other medicines before."
Maria F.
Happy Evil Bone Water Customer
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Are you ready to try something that works?

Whether you’re an athlete or simply navigating day-to-day life, chances are you might encounter some level of discomfort. Allow us to introduce you to a product known as Evil Bone Water (EBW). This herbal blend, free from pharmaceuticals, has been utilized by people seeking comfort and management of their discomfort for a considerable length of time.

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What is Evil Bone Water?

So, what is Evil Bone Water, exactly? Let’s dive deeper.

Evil Bone Water is another term (kind of a fun one, we think) for a herbal topical liniment used in traditional Chinese medicine. The proper term is Zheng XIE Gu Shi Rectify/correct/vanquish evil bone water. We call it just evil bone water for short. Xie is really not “evil” but a complex character meaning turbidity/something that needs to be corrected or to come out of the body.

No matter how you prefer to say it, Zheng Gu Shui (Evil Bone Water) is a formula made up of 11 ingredients in a precise formulation. The combination of ingredients and their purity makes it different from other topical products. Some of the components of Evil Bone Water can be found in other products, but how they are sourced and the processing methods matter a lot.

It’s not Evil Bone Water if it doesn’t have all 11 ingredients!

Some manufacturers might cut corners to reduce costs, but what’s the point if it makes the product less effective?

Many patients tell us how well Evil Bone Water works for them and how it improves their quality of life. Now, not all patients will experience the same results, but even if you’re reducing your pain by a few points, it’s worthwhile.

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Together, these two products provide a powerful one-two punch to help you achieve fast-acting pain relief. By combining the warming sensation provided by Red Emperor’s Immortal with the cool sensation provided by Evil Bone Water, you can support both the circulation and energy flow throughout your body while reducing inflammation and soothing the joints, which may help relieve pain.

Whether you’re an athlete looking to support your joint health or someone looking for a natural way to feel better, the Evil Bone Water and Red Emperor’s Immortal Combination Package is a perfect choice.

Like many medicinal products and treatments, Evil Bone Water has evolved through the years. Originally, the formula had 26 ingredients, all of which were available locally for herbalists to produce small quantities of the product. As demand increased, all but seven of the ingredients were removed.

Today, our formulation adds back in four of the original and most essential ingredients, creating one of the most effective products for pain and inflammation in our compendium.

Plus, the camphor and menthol in Evil Bone Water are not synthetic. Many mass-produced products use artificial ingredients to reduce the cost, but there are lots of reasons that’s not a great way to go. Aside from the fact that it’s not a pure herbal extract, the carbon produced during manufacturing makes the product itself unsustainable!

As stated above, we also only use 190 Everclear in our topical. A cheaper route would be ethanol or (gulp) Isopropyl alcohol. How much cheaper? 800%. But I always ask myself – What do I want on my skin? In my patient’s body? My own family?

Every herb is microscopically tested, not only to confirm the variety and identify contaminants but also to confirm strength and concentration. All herbs that go into Evil Bone Water are sustainably grown and ethically sourced, representing the finest ingredients on the planet—and that’s important!

In a world of fakes, hype, and pretenders, sometimes you need to work a little harder to ensure the products you purchase align with your values. If you care about your health (and we know you do!), if you don’t have time or money to waste on pain relief products that don’t keep their promises, you’ve come to the right place.

Evil Bone Water: A Sustainable Solution to Treat Pain and Inflammation

Trends in modern sports medicine lean toward using the body’s natural resources to heal injuries. Treatments using stem cells, dry-needling, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are just a few examples.

But not everyone can afford these procedures—and they also come with a degree of risk. There is no guarantee you will benefit from one of these treatments, and if it did work for you, you might have to repeat the process. The bottom line is that these therapies are expensive, often painful, and might not work.

Evil Bone Water is a topical herbal treatment widely recommended by Chinese medicine practitioners for pain and inflammation. It is well-tolerated by most people, easy to use, and highly effective for both chronic and acute pain.

Mind you, if you are severely injured or suspect you have broken a bone, you must seek emergency care immediately.

Once a doctor has confirmed your diagnosis, Evil Bone Water is an excellent pain intervention therapy that can be combined with other medicines without fear of interactions. In fact, by using Evil Bone Water, you may be able to reduce the quantity and strength of the pain medication you’re prescribed or even eliminate these medications completely. Used in conjunction with a prescribed course of orthopedic treatment, Evil Bone Water will ease your pain, help you heal faster, and prevent your symptoms from becoming long-term chronic complaints.

What Types of Pain is Evil Bone Water Good For?

Anybody who deals with chronic pain is likely skeptical about trying new products or treatments. However, we’ve learned from experience that Evil Bone Water is remarkably helpful for many complaints. We continue to recommend it in our clinic as our patients continually come back to tell us how much better they feel using Evil Bone Water, either on its own or in conjunction with their acupuncture treatments.

Who is Evil Bone Water Recommended For?

Evil Bone Water has few reported side effects, even for individuals with sensitive skin. It’s safe to use for people of all ages, although children should be supervised in its application. It is not recommended for children under two.

Because Evil Bone Water contains alcohol and herbs, some people might be allergic to certain ingredients. However, aside from the herbs themselves, Evil Bone Water contains no additional contaminants or additives that might result in a severe allergic reaction.

"My acupuncturist got me hooked on this. Now, I use it for several uses, for example, cuts/scratches, bruising, chronic pain/Neuro issues, etc., every day! I have even helped several others start using it."
Dawn S.
Happy Evil Bone Water Customer

How to Use Evil Bone Water

We recommend applying Evil Bone Water three to four times daily or more for acute and chronic pain and inflammation.

There are several ways to get the benefits of Evil Bone Water. See them below.

If you achieve sustained relief, there is no need to reapply until you need it. Unlike conventional medicine, Evil Bone Water works fast, so you can look forward to getting the desired result quite quickly.

The only caveat here will be if you experience skin irritation at the site. Red, itchy, dry, irritated skin around the application area could indicate that you’re using too much or applying it too often. If you do notice this effect, dial it back a bit. Reduce your applications to three times daily. If the condition does not improve, stop using the product until your skin clears.


Local Application

If you are treating small areas, such as your wrist or a shoulder, soak a cotton ball with EBW and apply directly to the site. Try not to allow it to drip, as it will stain the fabric. You can also use a cloth, although cotton balls are generally more effective.


In a Wrap

Use EBW as an antibacterial or to treat insect bites. Saturate a gauze pad or cotton ball (depending on the size of the treatment area) and wrap it with plastic for a maximum of two hours at a time (usually, 15-20 minutes is fine). Be careful to protect furniture and clothing as EBW will stain.

How to use Evil Bone Water

Make a Spray

EBW makes a great quick-relief spray for insect bites—and it’s also an effective bug repellant! Once it dries, it’s not likely to stain.


Soak in It

Soak your hands, feet, or body with EBW. Fill a basin with hot water before adding the EBW. Just a little is enough – add 30ml to your bath water or 10ml to a sink full.

What Our Patients Say About Evil Bone Water

"I received this 'gift of love' from my sister-in-law. I followed her directions, and my knees are very pleased with the results. I am able to walk further distances without pain and discomfort. I love this product. I just received my order that included eight bottles; four of which will be given as 'gifts of love.'"
Linda E.
Happy Evil Bone Water Customer
"I discovered this at my gym and spa and love how effective it is. This is my second order from Valley Health and again, it arrived fast and was $10 cheaper per bottle than I was paying locally."
Ron S.
Happy Evil Bone Water Customer
"Was referred by a very good friend. Really like it."
Patricia J.
Happy Evil Bone Water Customer
"This is a miracle in a bottle."
Carrie R.
Happy Evil Bone Water Customer
"Very fast shipping on this marvelous product! Couldn't be happier!"
Suzanne W.
Happy Evil Bone Water Customer
"I benefit greatly from the relief from pain and soreness. The sprayer makes application so easy. I tend to get bursitis … the EBW brings relief. I feel confident as I work with this solution, I will be free of steroid injections. Thank you. I am grateful!"
Brenda R.
Happy Evil Bone Water Customer
"Great for muscle aches."
Tamara C.
Happy Evil Bone Water Customer
"Very prompt response to my order & received it quickly. This is a great healing product."
Beverly T.
Happy Evil Bone Water Customer

Final Thoughts: Is Evil Bone Water Right for You?

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